Adding Google Analytics tracker

Maintainers should follow the following steps to be able to monitor site traffic using Google Analytics service.

Haiku Analytics ( is the Haiku add-on to provide better control over site statistics. 

Step-by-step guide

After installing, the Site Administrator gets access to the configuration of this at SITE_URL/@@haiku-analytics-manage (also accessible through the site setup) where you can paste Google Analytics tracker code, select plugins to track events or add simple visit counter. Full list of available options:

Google Tag Manager/Analytics:

  1. Code - head part
    1. Paste your Google Analytics tracker or Google Tag Manager 'head' part here - It needs to be a new Google Analytics tracker code, see:
  2. Code - body part
    1. Paste your Google Tag Manager 'body' part here.
  3. Tracking events:
    1. You can select event tracking plugins (, for example, clicking on external URLs, file downloads or selecting mail links.

Visit counter: This is a simple tool to gather all unique page hits. It is really simple, it just counts all the hits from the moment it has been enabled. These numbers can be used to sort portal items by their popularity. The Site Administrator can change this number by going to page and editing the 'Visit counter' field on the 'Analytics' tab.

  1. Visit counter content types:
    1. Only selected content types are enabled, hits are counted for them.
  2. Visit counter position:
    1. A small label with the hits number can be deployed next to the page title, under the page header or placed in page footer.
  3. Visit counter visibility:
    1. Counter can be visible for all the site guests, logged in users or just Site Administrators