Forms library

You will require this information when you would like to add or edit a form on your Haiku website.

Haiku has an easy to use, drag and drop form builder that can be used to make simple and slightly more complex forms that should meet most of your needs when creating a form to collect information from users.

To access the ‘Forms Library’ on your website, you can either do this through the ‘Contents’ view or through the quick access actions drop-down menu on your Haiku website.

Once you have accessed the Forms Library, you have the ability to add either a ‘Form’ or a ‘Section'. If you would like to have a clean way to group certain forms together, then you should create a section and build your forms in the section. You can also add forms directly into the forms library, and they will list for you to see when you first arrive at the library.

For documentation on how to build forms, please visit one of the pages listed below: