Browser and Hardware Support

Internet Connection Requirements

For real time usage, a stable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth is necessary. A minimum of 3.0Mbps upload and download speed is required. You can check your upload and download speed for free here.

iPad app to server communication uses both WebSocket and Hypertext Transfer protocols - any location using the iPad app must support both WebSocket Secure (WSS) and HTTPS connections.

After enrolling the iPad uses a client certificate to authenticate itself with the risr/assess server, routers and firewalls must not strip this.

WiFi connections must not be “closed portal” - where the user must log in on a website to get an internet connection.

We do not recommend using a 'Hotspot' connection.


Compatibility  risr/assess for Browser

We strongly recommend that users enable auto-updates for their browsers to ensure that their browser is up to date at all times. 

This table shows the oldest browser versions that can be used with the latest version of risr/assess for browser (formerly known as P4B).



Version supported


Version supported


>= 78.X


>= 78.X


>= 16.X

Microsoft Edge

>= 79.X

Compatibility  risr/assess for iPad and Server

This table shows which versions of risr/assess Server and risr/assess for iPad are compatible. 


risr/assess for iPad   

risr/assess server

>= 8.0

>= 8.8


<= 8.7.x


Compatibility  iOS / iPadOS

The minimum version of the Apple iOS/iPadOS we support is 12. For performance and continued security updates we recommend keeping your devices updated to the latest version they can support.

Compatibility  Hardware

Apple no longer supports iOS 12. If you are purchasing new devices, please check on the list maintained by Apple of which devices are compatible with iOS 13 and above.


If you need to identify your device you can use