7.1.6 Haiku

24 Jan 2020


  • Add initial configuration for fixed height columns

  • Add base rich text styles

  • Fix for search box background colour

  • Improve layout of images library

  • Improve layout of footer links and logos

  • Fix for the sidebar on modals

  • Add instruction for decorative images in the image help text

  • Improve layout of files library

  • Fix for issue when granting site admin access to users

  • Remove obsolete actions from the mobile menu package

  • Allow customising of profiles search


  • Fix for cloud images view for all image fields

  • Let sitemap export include subscribers

  • Extend timeouts to fix a variety of jobs

  • Add content transfer API adapter for finalising the content after transferring from site to site

  • Add cloud content transfer migration check view

  • Preserve original content's id (name) when cloning

  • Fix preserved fields usage during cloud content update and migration make publishers only from cloned created during the migration

  • Add ability to control cloud connection timeouts when pulling content increase timeout when cloning content during the migration

  • Fix assigning preserved_fields to new clones

  • Add marker interface to the CloudSyncBehavior add migration to assign the CloudSyncBehavior to all clones

  • Add option to register user account if profile content has been cloned

  • Fix deserialising of "date" values

  • Assign local behaviour CloudSync to clonned content

  • Add new behaviour for cloud content clones with settings for sync add vocabulary listing context's schema fields

  • Fix deserializing date values serialize choice values no matter if they are available in the field's vocabulary 

  • Improve errors handling when communicating with the cloud